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Timeless elegance meets modern window design. Cloch vertical sliders combine the beauty and elegance of the traditional sliding sash window with the high performance, security, durability and energy efficiency of modern window design and manufacture. What sets Cloch vertical sliders apart is attention to detail – the little details that create that wow effect and add real value to your home.

Cloch vertical sliders have both a slide and tilt opening facility, creating  enhanced ventilation, hassle-free maintenance and aesthetic appeal, whilst still maintaining the safety and security properties of the window.

Sliding Facility – both the top and bottom sash can be moved vertically and held in the required position; sashes can be operated individually or simultaneously.

Tilting Facility – after the sashes have been set in the required slide position, the tilt facility can then be operated. The sashes will then tilt in towards the room at an angle and can be operated individually or simultaneously.

Suitable for both new build homes and replacement projects, Cloch sliding sashes add value and character to any home.

  • WER A Rating as standard

  • Enhanced safety and security

  • Slide and tilt facilities for greater convenience and flexibility

  • Attention to detail for enhanced aesthetics

  • 10 year product  guarantee

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